Federal, Provincial and Municipal government policies must be adhered to for all events such as ours.  The committee will continuously monitor announcements and work in tandem with the authorities to ensure this event is run with full compliance in mind for everyone's comfort and safety.


As of April 21, there is no limit to the number of spectators or a mask or vaccination requirement to access the competition venue or associated hotels, however, all persons aged 12 and older must be adequately vaccinated to enter Canada.  As regards to persons younger than 12, please follow the Government of Canada link below for the latest information.


The committee understands that Canada's vaccination policy may preclude some dancers from attending, and doesn't take this situation lightly.  However, the contracts for the event were signed over five years ago, and cannot be abandoned in order to re-locate the event to the USA.


Government of Canada Covid-19 Info
Tourisme Montreal Covid-19 Info