There are thirteen contracted hotels, all within the downtown core of Montreal, offering a variety of rates and room types.    Most of the hotels are now sold out, however there are still rooms available.  In the coming months, more rooms will become available as people start to reduce the number of nights reserved as they firm up their travel plans.  It's how it goes every year.  Families are unsure if they will extend their trip to make it a vacation, and others are unsure if their School is doing teams.  So try not to panic, everyone will get a room in the Official Hotel Block.


A two-night non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time of booking, per room.  Some hotels have to do this manually, so it is possible this isn't done immediately at the time of booking.  If booking more than one room, the two-night deposit shall apply to each room.

All patrons (including teachers) are required to stay in one of the host hotels AND book under the Official Hotel Block to acquire wristbands to access the competitions.  NAIDC 2022 has committed to selling a certain number of hotel rooms in order to receive much-needed sponsorship to offset the massive costs of running such an event. 

Requests to transfer reservations made outside the room block into the room block in order to receive daily access wristbands (either by using points, booking with a third-party wholesaler, on by paying a higher price on the hotel's website etc.) will not be accommodated.  If the price for some nights is higher than others, then those nights are not in the block and you will not get wristbands for those nights. 

Wristbands will be issued at the hotel upon check-in (but no sooner) to access the venue, including the day of arrival and the day of check-out for nights booked in the block.  A complete document to explain the wristband policy is available below.

How to Book Hotels in the Official Room Block -
Area Map of the Venue/Hotels in the Official Room Block
The Wristband Policy - Explained
(if the document isn't underlined, then it is not yet available)