All five stages will be the exact same size; 40' wide x 32' deep x 32" high (plus approx. 3" for the wood stage on top of the platforms), built with premium wood which will be treated nightly with non-slip paint.

All five rooms will be similar in size, as follows:
Stage A - Room 517A - 88' wide x 154' deep
Stage B - Room 517B - 118' wide x 154' deep
Stage C - Room 517C - 88' wide x 154' deep
Stage D - Room 710A - 77' wide x 129' deep
Stage E - Room 710B - 77' wide x 129' deep

Stages A, B and C will open up into one large hall for the award ceremonies, and awards will be presented on Stages A and C, in alternation.  

In addition, two large practice stages will be built and covered with Marley in rooms 518 and 519.  There will be additional practice space in room 520, however, staging will not be provided.