Like every NAIDC, this event isn't possible without the endless hours of volunteers to pull it all together.  This list of volunteers will grow as the months go by. 

Interested in becoming a volunteer to undertake a specific role for the NAIDC 2022?  We would love to have you join us.  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Debbie MacVoy, ADCRG to lend your volunteer support.

   We will be looking for help with stage management and awards ceremonies from TCRGs across all seven North American regions, and we anticipate that to be by early-June.

Chairperson - Ryan Carroll
Contracts, Housing, Scheduling, Venue Liaison, Website Management

Chairperson - Rose Johnson
IDTANA Convention, Logistics, Sponsorship, Tabulation, Wristbands

Chairperson - Marie Short
Local Media, Opening Ceremony, Staging, TC Reception, VIPs

IDTACer Executive Board Members
Joanne Cunningham-Kingsbury - Treasurer
Debbie MacVoy - Volunteers
Becky Chapman - Social Media/Correspondence


With Additional Support From
Deirdre Penk O'Donnell and Amy Siegel - Awards Presentations
Mary Kay Heneghan - Entries
Siobhan Fleury - Figure/Dance Drama Stories/Music
Scott Graham - Grade Examinations
- Parade of Champions 
- Perpetual Awards
Janice Young - Program Editor
- Signage
Siobhan Fleury - Vendors
(to be filled in as volunteers are selected)